Recognizing the importance of generating meaningful thought leadership on the myriad of legal issues encountered in our practice, Lex Caribbean’s attorneys combine a shared Caribbean heritage with training and experience gained in several financial centres around the world to generate rich, relevant and timely insight. Here follows a sample of our most recent publications

21 September 2016

Lending in the Caribbean

In recent times, there is an increased amount of business being done regionally by companies, particularly amongst countries within the Eastern Caribbean, Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. This had led to an increased need for cross-border financing.

It is particularly important in a cross-border financing transaction to take into account all the issues that are relevant to the jurisdictions involved. Below are some of the points to be taken into consideration.

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15 September 2016

Cross-border financing involving Barbados

The purpose of this article is to identify and briefly outline some of the considerations to be taken into account where a bank outside of Barbados is granting a secured loan to a Barbados company. In any cross-border transaction, it is important to be aware of such points.


Particularly in Barbados, land is a common form of security that banks look to take to secure their loans to companies, as it if often a company’s most valuable asset.

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29 April 2016

Your Next Move: Entrepreneur’s Seminar Interview with Melanie Jones, head of Lex Caribbean’s Entrepreneurial Business Unit

Lex Caribbean held its first breakfast summit for start-up entrepreneurs at the Marriott in March this year. A packed room of both young and mature business persons eagerly awaited the featured speakers of Andrea King, Erica Smith, Melanie Jones, Tara Frater and Lalita Vaswani who brought expertise and experience to the morning’s proceedings.

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19 February 2016

Barbados: A Gem for High Net Worth Individuals

Barbados has long deservedly enjoyed a reputation as an enclave in paradise for the well heeled. Beyond its pristine beaches, stunning scenery, lushly greened polo fields, golf courses and lavish accommodation to suit the most discerning tastes, Barbados offers, in addition, a superlative lifestyle which is as culturally rich as it is socially stimulating. Prior to now, those privileged enough to enjoy its charms have generally only been able to do so for limited periods of time on visitors' visas or work permits. At last, as a result of recent developments

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01 February 2016

What's the Plan?

The purpose of this article is to focus on one of the documents involved in buying and selling land – The Plan – and the related issue of Encroachments.


The Conveyance is the document by which property is transferred from the vendor to the purchaser. It must always contain certain essential information, including the names of the vendor and purchaser, the purchase price and a description of the property being bought and sold


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